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Shelta Space

your space, reimagined

invesT in a shelta space

Providing Prefabricated Homes and MODULAR Construction Solutions to your primary, accessory and remote housing needs in Ghana, West Africa and beyond

Prefabricated 2 or 3 bedroom home by Shelta Space


Shelta Space offers a truly innovative and affordable solution for a minimal  lifestyle for you and your family.without the hassle of the building design and construction process. Cut straight to the chase with a liveable accommodation unit in a matter of weeks. No uncertainties, no cost overruns.

A Studio Type Prefabricated Shelta Space Home extention or ADU for home office, guest room, staff housing etc.


A Shelta Space makes for the perfect addition to your existing property whether as a guest house, granny or in-law flat, staff quarters, home office/studio or even as a poolhouse. 

A 1 bedroom Shelta Space Housing unit in a remote location immersed in nature as a holiday home


A Shelta Space is perfect for the nature loving adventurer in you. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your hectic city life into your very own slice of nature in a Shelta Space, whether at the beach, in the woods, by the lake or at the mountain.

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