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Co-founders of Shelta Space Limited



Providing Prefabricated Modular Construction solutions to your primary, alternative and remote housing needs in Ghana and West Africa

At Shelta Space we believe that access to accommodation should not be a privilege

We see a future where everyone has access to decent, sustainable and affordable quality space to shelta their ambitions, from the young adult starting out in life, the growing family looking to extend their living space, the retiring senior citizen looking to simplify their lives  to the nature loving adventurer looking to be truly in touch with the elements and the entrepreneur looking for entry into the real estate and hospitality industry.

With a quality design, precision engineering and socially responsibly led approach, we have created not just a truly sustainable and innovative product that provides what truly matters to our community of users, we have created a new lifestyle. 

Hassan M. Salih (CEO) Shelta Space Ltd
Hassan M. Salih (CEO)

A licenced Architect, 3d visualizer, videographer and Urban designer. 
His approach to design lies at the nexus of creativity, affordability and the use of emerging digital technologies to achieve efficiency. 

He brings his passion for creative problem solving, expertise in design thinking and experience in creative direction to the fore in Leading our team towards our vision

Munir H. K. Saeed (CFO) Shelta Space Ltd
Munir H. K. Saeed (CFO)

A professional engineer and member of Ghana Institute of Engineering with additional experience in banking and finance. Munir combines his project management and leadership skills to ensure that set targets are met within specified times. He stops at nothing to ensure speed, accuracy and value is achieved at all cost.


Zuhr A. Mohayideen (COO) Shelta Space Ltd
Zuhr A. Mohayideen (COO)

Zuhur has over a decade of experience, first from a long standing successful family business

before moving on to take up top managerial roles in multi-million dollar companies in Ghana and Niger Republic.
Zuhur's natural acumen for business coupled with his experience have heightened his passion for delivering cutting edge technology based business solutions to fill the gap in our industries here in Ghana to enable us compete on the international stage.


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