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buy a standard shelta space model

Simply select one of our predesigned standard models that best suits your needs, request an invoice and be on your way to a hustle-free housing delivery process. For bespoke housing design using our prefab process, go to our DESIGN page to book a free online consultation.


Starting Price: $15,000

Early Bird Discount $12,000

Until 30th Nov, 2023

Shelta_Pod A truly tiny cabin for those with a tiny budget but big dreams. The Shelta Pod features a custom designed space saving furniture system that allows your space to transform through-out the day to suit different usage modes. This provides a truly creative way of maximizing your space. During the day, your queen-sized bed folds away into a Sofa for sitting and lounging, while your closet slides cleverly away into your headboard while revealing a bed-side table/bench. The model also features a fully functional kitchen, a bathroom with stand-in shower, wc and hand basin. All of these features packed conveniently into a 12sqm floor area marks the true definition of "Living Big in a Tiny Space". Whether, as an ADU, B&B Rental or home office, the Shelta Pod  truly presents a "great bang for the buck"


Starting Price: $23,000

Shelta_Cabin packs all the goodness of a Shelta Space in a compact package offering entry level access into the prefab tiny house lifestyle. It is by no means tiny though, as it offers all the essentials of living within a 15 sqm gross floor area through clever design. 

It packs a queen-size bed, a kitchenette and storage cabinet, a full height clothing wardrobe writing desk and full sized bathroom with a shower, sink and w.c. It is designed to offer uninterrupted views to the great outdoors wherever you may place a unit and an outdoor deck that extends the indoor/ outdoor living experience.

The unit is ideal for use as a remote holiday retreat, extension of a existing living space as a guest room, pool house or even a home office. It is also ideal for entry into the short-stay rental business space.


Starting Price: $35,000