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Suntaa Beach-Boxx Open-House

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

A photo gallery from the Open-House exhibition of our maiden Shelta Space in collaboration with our hospitality partner, Suntaa Hospitality Ltd.

As Shelta-Space progressed with it's ambition of developing 2 Shelta Spaces within 7 weeks, it was absolutely important that we take our community of Prefab Housing Enthusiasts along with us on the journey. It became quite apparent that our community was excited and could not wait to catch a glimpse of what the final product would look like. In keeping true faith with their expectations, we decided to hold an open house event to showcase the product in collaboration with our partners, Suntaa Beach Boxx on the 3rd of April 2021. Here is a photo gallery to get a feel of how the even went.

Rapid Prototyping and Feedback

The event gave both Suntaa Beach Boxx and us the opportunity to solicit feedback on the build as well as ideas for running a successful short-let hospitality company that truly meets the expectations of our community and potential tenants.

And oh! if you would like to get the unique short-stay vacation experience of Suntaa Beach boxx with the Atlantic Ocean quite literally at your feet, it is now available for pre-booking on airbnb via this link. Please note that they are running a discount promo at the moment for a limited time so grab your opportunity now!

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