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Unleashing the Potential of Short-Term Hospitality Real Estate in Ghana and West Africa

3d impressions of a section of a new lakefront development with units comprising various Shelta Space Standard and Custom designed models. ©Shelta Space Limited 2023

In recent years, the real estate landscape in West Africa has witnessed a transformative shift. With the rise of short-term hospitality rentals, investors are seizing the opportunity to tap into a burgeoning market that offers not only substantial returns but also a gateway to financial independence. In this article, we'll delve into the dynamic world of short-term hospitality real estate, exploring its potential in Ghana, and across the West African region.

The Thriving Short-Term Hospitality Market:

The short-term hospitality market has emerged as a game-changer in the real estate industry. In Ghana and Nigeria, this trend is gaining momentum, driven by the increasing demand for unique and personalized accommodations by travelers, both domestic and international.

3d impressions of a section of a new lakefront development with units comprising various Shelta Space Standard and Custom designed models. ©Shelta Space Limited 2023

A comparison of work in progress and the vision for a lakefront resort comprised of private lake and canal-front units currently under construction in the eastern region of Ghana by Shelta Space ©Shelta Space Limited 2023

According to a recent industry report by Graphic Business, Ghana is identified as one of the top three fastest-growing markets for Airbnb globally. The report highlights a significant surge in short-term rental demand, underscoring the immense potential of the Ghanaian market. Additionally, research by Property Express emphasizes the economic impact of the Airbnb market on Ghana, further affirming its status as a lucrative investment sector.

Unlocking the Potential:

Investing in short-term hospitality rentals offers a lower barrier to entry compared to traditional real estate ventures. With potential returns on investment (ROI) of up to 30% per annum, it presents a compelling opportunity for individuals looking to build a diversified real estate portfolio.

Gone are the days, when the idea of taking a trip to remote holiday destinations whether with your spouse, family or friends, seemed alien to many in the region. With the rising middle class and its attendant boost in local tourism, the proliferation of digital platforms such as social media and booking platforms that help showcase unique experiences to a global audience, coupled with government efforts to attract international tourists, there has never been a better time and opportunity to tap into 

Why Shelta Space?

In this landscape of opportunity, Shelta Space stands out as a pioneer and leader in providing turnkey accommodation solutions tailored for the West African market. From charming single cabins to exquisite multi-room villas to full-blown multi-unit resort design and development, Shelta Space embodies affordability, speed, sustainability, and top-notch quality - the cornerstones of successful real estate investments.

Do you have a spacious backyard, or a vacant plot of land? Or maybe you have a remote farm, or a plot of land in the mountains with expansive views, all these and more with a Shelta Space unit and a little bit of creativity in landscape design and a curated experience could be your key to an extra income stream and get you on your way to financial independence.

The Shelta Pod is our newest and smallest madel so far designed to lower even further the barrier of entry into the short term hospitality rental industry. ©Shelta Space Limited 2023

A Shelta Space Duplex Model as part of Suntaa Beach Boxx, a beach-front hospitality Venture by Suntaa Hospilaity Limited ©Shelta Space Limited 2023

The Impact of Sustainability:

Sustainability is at the heart of Shelta Space's ethos. Our prefab homes are designed with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features, aligning with the global shift towards more sustainable and responsible travel options. This not only caters to the environmentally-conscious traveler but also positions our properties as forward-thinking investments in the real estate market.

How to Get Started:

Exploring the potential of short-term hospitality real estate with Shelta Space is just a click away. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process. Contact us through our direct messages or book a free 30-minute consultation via our website to kickstart your journey towards financial independence through real estate. You can also reach us on phone or whatsapp via +233503831231 or +233243264252


The short-term hospitality real estate market in West Africa represents a golden opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs alike. With the right partner, like Shelta Space, you can navigate this dynamic landscape and unlock the full potential of your investments. Seize the moment and embark on a journey towards financial independence through the thriving world of short-term hospitality real estate.

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