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Shelta_Family (duo & trio) Imagine a full-fledged 2 or 3 bedroom unit as your primary, alternative or even rental unit within a footprint of 45 sqm at an offordable price. This is what the Shelta_Family model presents without any major compromises. It brings all the creature comforts for a minimal-living lifestyle in a package that is accessible to the whole family. It packs either 2 full size bedroom ensuite in the ‘duo’ variant with a queen-size bed in each room, full sized bathroom with a shower, sink and w.c. or 3 bedrooms in the ‘trio’ variant with 2 small sized bedrooms with a shared bathroom along with a full size ensuite primary bedroom. It also has a full size kitchen with sink and cooktop, overhead storage cabinets and a fridge. The unit also comes with a full living area that can pack up to 3 seater sofa and 2 single seats, a TV/ Entertainment unit and can even accommodate an island worktop that can double as dining set.It is designed to offer uninterrupted views to the great outdoors wherever you may place a unit and an outdoor deck that extends the indoor/ outdoor living experience.The unit is ideal for use as a primary dwelling unit, remote holiday retreat, extentsion of existing living space as guest room, pool house or even a home office. It is also ideal for entry into the short-stay rental business. 



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